7th May 1977

By Graham Hillier of Record Mirror

MAKE NO mistake about it – Liverpool Express are rock ‘n’ rollers at heart. Last Saturday night left you feeling that perhaps the Cavern hadn’t disappeared after all, as Billy Kinsley and Co rhythm and blued their way through such goodies as ‘Long Tall Sally’, ‘Back In The USSR’ and ‘All Time Loser’.
As a homecoming concert there was no way that the audience wasn’t going to take all this in and not come back for more. A beaty version of Neil Young’s ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’ was quickly followed by a showstopping ‘Space Oddity’ which may even have out-Bowied the big B himself. Perhaps all this no unexpected.
After all, lead singer Billy Kinsley had cut his teeth with no lesser group than the Merseys, way back when records were three bob each and Cliff Richard was still a lad.
Having been weaned on the Mersey sound you don’t easily forget it. But they had their quieter moments as well. The singles ‘You Are My Love’ and ‘Every Man Must Have A Dream’ came up to the expected reception as did their new disc, ‘Dreaming’.
The onstage jokes ran freely and helped the whole thing on an informal footing, each was a cert when you consider that nearly everyone in the audience cliamed to be related to or had been to school with at least one member of the group.

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