By Peter Trollope of the Liverpool Echo

Flying down to Rio, that’s Liverpool Express, writes Peter Trollope.

For the top pop group start the trip of a lifetime today after being hailed as the biggest thing to hit Brazil since the Beatles.
Two No.1 singles in the last six weeks mean that the boys will be appearing before nearly 250,000 people on a sixteen-date concert tour.
“It’s quite incredible the way things have happened over there,” the group’s manager, Hal Carter, said at London’s Heathrow Airport today. “We got a telex six weeks ago because a single had taken off, asking us to go out there, and since then things have been going crazy and we’ve had nearly 50 telexes begging us to come.”
Tonight, the group will touch down in Rio where they will be whisked away from the plane in a fleet of limousines to a televised Press conference.
The songs that have wowed them on Cococabana Beach are You Are My Love and Every Man Must Have A Dream.
“We are planning to release another single out there,” added Hal.
A local Rio businessman is spending £100,000 on the group’s tour and promotion.

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