18th December 1976

By Record Mirror

It took a game of football to get Liverpool Express off the ground and on the right rails. Bass guitarist Billy Kinsley takes up the story and spins an unlikely yarn. . .
“Every Wednesday afternoon, it’s a known tradition in Liverpool for all groups and musicians to get together and play football over at Skelmersdale. It’s been something of a ritual now for some years…and all the musicians congregate, pick up teams and set about playing five-a-side.
“You get to know all the lads in town, and find out all the latest news – which groups are disbanding or forming up, and who’s available for gigs.
Everything that’s going on the music scene.
“One afternoon I went along for my usual game and got chatting to Derek Cashin, Tony Coates and Roger Craig who were then playing under the name of ‘Paper Chase’.”
In June 1975, Liverpool Express hit the road.
“We’ve all had so many years experience in this business, playing all manner of different styles of music, that we’ve been able to throw out all the dead wood from the start, and virtually begin anew with something completely different.
“How would I describe the group? I like to think of us as playing sophisticated pop…but that’s a little too pretentious. Believe me, we’re not pretentious in any way. We just write and play our songs with the emphasis very much on melody and harmonies. It’s a simple as that…and it works.”

Their latest single ‘Every Man Must Have A Dream’ is bubbling under the charts and is about to enter.

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