Once Upon A Time

  • Released: August 2003
  • Format: CD, Digital Download
  • Label: Every Man
  • Produced by: Roger Scott Craig & Billy Kinsley

1. Chinatown
2. Out of the Blue
3. Once Upon A Time
4. The End of the Game
5. Best Years of My Life
6. John George Ringo & Paul
7. This Door Is Always Open
8. Tomorrow Is Another Day
9. Sailin’ Down To Rio
10. Find My Way Back Home
11. Wherever You Are
12. The Worst Band in the World


Additional Information:

  • This is the first studio album since 1979, and features Roger Scott Craig, Billy Kinsley, Dave Goldberg and Kenny Parry.
  • Ian Bairnson, the guitarist with – The Alan Parsons Project and Pilot, makes a guest appearance, playing guitar on two tracks, “Once Upon a Time” and “Find My Way Back Home”.


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