• Released: 1978
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Label: Warner Bros. Records
  • Produced by: Hal Carter & Liverpool Express

Side one

1. Low Profile
2. So Here I Go Again
3. Last Train Home
4. Margie
5. Songbird, Sing Your Song


Side two

1. Little Plum’s Last Stand
2. Mary & Ann
3. Dreamin’
4. All Time Loser
5. Don’t Give Up Your Day Job


Alternate album cover:



Additional Information:

  • Released in South America only
  • Originally titled ‘Low Profile’ with alternate album cover planned in 1977. The cover shows the band sitting in a Liverpool Cafe – having been recognised by young fans whilst appearing to be in ‘low profile’. Due to unforeseen circumstances this concept was later scrapped.
  • “Songbird, Sing Your Song”, was scheduled to be the third single release from this album in late 1977.
  • German musician, Stefan Hallberg, recorded a version of “So Here I Go Again” in November 1977. The 7″ picture sleeve features Stefan with Liverpool Express in a recording studio.
  • Two songs from this album (“Dreamin’, and “All Time Loser”) were featured in the movie, It Lives Again.


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