September 8, 2016

A bit about the website… – created and maintained by Michael Wilde.

In 2002, Michael was a then 17-year-old music fan, when he discovered the band, Liverpool Express, performing ‘Every Man Must Have A Dream’ on TV during a repeat showing of the music programme ‘Supersonic’ . Michael’s parents later told him that they had the band’s album (‘Tracks’) in their vinyl collection!!  After endless plays of the record, he immediately wanted to find out more about the band and to see if they were still together 25 years on. After endless internet searching, and finding nothing about them, he decided to create a website himself, dedicated to the band, to give them a web presence. The website included very basic information about the ‘Tracks’ album and a few screen captures from the bands TV performance on ‘Supersonic’, along with a couple of photos provided by a fan in Brazil (Milton). Michael also received help from online friend (and also a LEX fan) Laura Kerr, whom had contacted Roger Scott Craig-the band’s keyboard player who loved the website. He provided more information about the band for the website, and he contacted a photographer friend he knew (Kathy McCabe), whom had taken (what seemed like) a million photos of the band back in their heyday!  With Roger and Kathy’s input, the website began to expand, and soon after became the ‘official website’ for the band, following the release of the band’s ”Best of” CD. Since then, Michael has kept charge of the website and updates it quite frequently and is the first point of contact. The website has won many design awards over the years most notably ‘The Golden Web Award’ for the years 2002 and 2003 respectively.

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